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A Vampire
the Masquerade

This Chronicle, created by Bleakseason, takes place in Chicago, in the current year. It uses the Vampire: The Masquerade rules. The main characters are vampires who were saved from the Sabbat's creation rights in extremis, and must now survive among the ranks of a Camarilla who doesn't trust them.Our games is intended for a Mature Audience, and deals with themes that may be offensive or inappropriate to some. Likewise, this website. Please proceed with this in mind!LIGHTS is the Camarilla-based storyline; SEVERED deals with the Sabbat; THE TRUE CROSS is a Dark Ages campaign coming in May.


DarlingCreepshow as Theodora "Teddy" Gladfelter (Clan Gangrel)

DarlingCreepshow is a Chaotic Neutral Vampire who streams TTRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons AND does wicked Miniature Painting. Watch her on Twitch at or check out her Miniatures at

Littlebones as Helena Adamski (Caitiff)

Bones is an indie gamer on twitch who focuses on the weird things around the web and can be caught playing TTRPGs all over twitch with all her friends! She streams indies on
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Myriad as Cassidy "Cassie" Lee Moore (Clan Malkavian)

Myriad is a cozy chaotic streamer over at: She's also a TTRPG performer across the 'net causing a ruckus on other channels. You can find her on various social media platforms running amuck:

KuVenet as Vincent Giovanni (Clan Giovanni)

Kurt is the Creative Director at Broken Brain Games, and Freelance Writer.
He can be found on and here on Folk & Myth. You can also follow him at &

Bleakseason - Storyteller

Co-founder of Folk&Myth, Bleak has been GMing for over thirty years. His experience with vampire goes back to the First Edition, as well as the heyday of Vampire LARP, where he ran a game for over a 100 players at one point. He now produces and runs games for streaming on Folk&Myth. He's a Tremere at heart.

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Theodora "Teddy" Gladfelter

GANGREL, 10th Generation
Sire: Carter
Embraced: 2017
Hailing from the foothills of Appalachia, Teddy was born and raised on a dairy farm, the youngest daughter of a hardworking father and a real salt of the earth mother. She learned early on the tenets of respect and responsibility, moralities garnered from the words in the family bible, which was never far at hand.She was the apple of Ezekiel and Sarah’s eyes. Brilliant in her school work and diligent in chores, Teddy was a bright-eyed, clever girl, eager to please and to learn. As opposed to her rebellious brother, Ezra, Teddy was nothing short of a model child, one that seemed perfectly suited to the kind of life to be found on the family farm. However, Teddy had big dreams, as small town girls often do, and with these dreams came a longing that seemed to call to her from far away.She wanted to get out, see the world she’d only ever read about in books she devoured by candlelight, the kind displayed on the covers of magazines, and in adverts on the radio; she felt parched, and wanted to drink greedily from the cup of life. And so, at the blossoming age of eighteen, she did just that.Dreams are expensive, but a bus ticket can get a girl well on her way - all the way to the Windy City of Chicago, in fact.Young and attractive, she found work easy to come by; and in time, after a few years of putting her nose to the grindstone, she finally got the big break she was looking for: compensated companionship.All the benefits of high-end escort work without the risk or mess of actual physicality. A pet of the poisonous variety, to be looked upon and admired, yet never touched.She became the girl in the gilded cage.And in time she came to acquire everything she had ever dreamt of, the simple dreams of a rancher’s daughter. She was a pretty girl surrounded by so many pretty things, an inexhaustible well of beauty and wealth at her fingertips.Even after her violent Embrace, she remains poised in her tower of glass, drinking greedily from the cup of life without want or worry. All that has changed is the nature of the contents of her wine glass…

Helena Adamski

FOLLOWER of SET, 13th Generation
Sire: Bahari
Embraced: 2017
Appears to be in her late twenties, pretty enough and slightly off putting. Ginger hair curls and twists framing a delicate face of narrowed eyes. A product of the Chicago suburbs, she ventured into the city proper to open up the Snake Pit, an esoteric and occult shop. From there, she gathered a small following of the local goths. Maintaining her hold over them and letting them hang out after dark to partake in their "vampire parties", Helena found herself with a supply of blood. She lurks and watches and smiles with glee in the night. A strange creature, but one of curiosity none the less.

Cassidy "Cassie" Lee Moore

Malkavian, 10th Generation
Sire: Unknown
Embraced: 2017
Born to junkie parents who didn't lose their custody over her fast enough, Cassidy spent a lot of her formative years enduring the negligence and abuse of her parents, particularly her mother as her father was often locked away for months at a time for petty crimes like possession.It was a concerned teacher who eventually got the gears turning with Child Protective Services and thus her career in bouncing between foster homes began. Her moods were often volatile and her intense fear of abandonment only exacerbated by her removal from her biological parents and subsequent removal from foster family after foster family.By her early teens, she had fallen into a crowd of other troubled teens and young adults, drugs and alcohol being the only thing that helped her cope with her often unpredictable moods and home life.At the age of 16, she was finally placed into the home of April Conway, an older woman in her mid-50s who was widowed and never had children of her own. For whatever reason, there was a connection between Cassidy and April. April who was firm, but loving and who had the patience to sit with Cassidy and help her sort through her spiraling emotions when they became too much.By the time Cassidy was 18 and graduating high school she was a straight A student with a full scholarship to The University of Chicago. She had wanted to become a child psychologist, with ideations of helping children like her, lost children who just needed someone with the patience to help them through their big feelings.At 24, she had finished her Bachelor's degree and was well into working on her Master's when April suddenly passed away, an aneurysm. Nearly a decade of progress down the drain in a millisecond as Cassidy fell back into her old habits, unable to deal with the passing of her mother, the only person she considered her mother.She dropped out of school, stopped showing up to her job, lost her apartment, ended up couch surfing with the few remaining friends she had. She chased the feelings of emptiness away with drugs and alcohol and fell into a familiar crowd, degenerates and vagabonds and drug addicts.A year later she was on the brink of overdosing in an alleyway when she was grabbed by the Sabbat and embraced. She spent much of the time after believing herself to be dead, to be truly dead, a ghost walking through the world of the living.


Giovanni, 10th Generation
Sire: Anthony Giovanni
Embraced: 1977
Vincent is just trying to make it night by night. He represents the family interests even though he doesn't always agree with some of the wishes of the "family elders" But he is making the most of his time here in Chicago. He often puts on a tough guy act, but anyone who takes half a second will realize its front. His fingers tell a tale, with numerous skull rings, but one ring that looks to be a woman's, a sapphire ring.Vincent is overall a pretty observant guy, who is trying to rise in the ranks, and explore some of the Family Secrets, to hopefully find a way, to regain what he lost so very long ago.


Prince Lucia Calderon

Placed in the position against her will when her Sire, Prince Nathaniel Thorpe, was called to London in 1963, Lucia chafes under the responsibilities of running the city. She has proven quite adept at it, but sees every moment spent dealing with Kindred affairs to be a moment taken away from her true love: her business.Lucia made her money and built her reputation in the "Create A Problem then Charge People to Fix It" Industry. Her companies create issues, and her other companies get government contracts to fix them. As such, she wields much political power in the city and the State, and is protected from the vagaries of market fluctuation. She takes a new age approach to business, eschewing staples of the corproate world like offices and static work forces. She was an unlikely candidate to take over as Prince, and has made no bones about the fact that she expects it to be pro-temp.

Primogen Council


the oraculi

the enemy

Camarilla of chicago

Sabbat of chicago






Alex as Frances (Clan Toreador Antitribu)

RollForAlex is all you need for your daily dose of vitamin TTRPG! You can find her at The Games Tavern: and with ExquisiteCorpsePresents:

CAITO AASE as Lydia Salome (Clan Lasombra)

Caito is a producer/GM/AP artist with Queen's Court Games as well as a professional actor and burlesque dancer. Find them being quippy on Instagram: and on Twitter:

Ian as Archy (Clan Lasombra)

Ian is a Texas based TTRPG player/Streamer and voice actor. You can catch all of his upcoming projects on Twitter/X at

Kurt Venetis as Carter (Clan Gangrel Antitribu)

Kurt is a TTRPG Writer and Creator. He can soon be found streaming on BrokenBrainRPG and his own personal channel from time to time. When not writing he is seeking the Truth, because it is out there.

Frances (Follower of Set, Hiding as Toreador Antitribu)


Lydia Salome (Clan Lasombra)


Archy (Clan Lasombra)


Carter (Clan Gangrel Antitribu)



While the story truly begins in Constantinople, in 1099 (events that will be revealed in The True Cross series in May), modern-night Chicago is where most of the action takes place.The Camarilla originally lost Chicago in 1929 to the Giovanni, who ran the city until they in turn lost it to the Camarilla again in 1950. This occurred after a member of the Giovanni clan, Atias Giovanni, sold out the then Duca of the city, Frederico, earning himself the Camarilla's gratitude and a Primogen seat in the process.In 2015, Cardinal Santiago of the Sabbat sent a Black Hand pack to assassinate five of the Elders of the city. Four were killed, but the fifth, Tremere Regent Charlotte Rojas, escaped. The Nosferatu Scourge, a hulking Elder named Baptiste, and a Tremere Sabbat Hunter named Hayden Croft, found and destroyed the pack - all but one, an Assamite named Ophelia.In our story, Ophelia was trapped and later released by the Ravnos Silver, and taken by the Follower of Set Bahari through an excruciating Blood Bond.In 2017, Cardinal Santiago ordered his right-hand man Carter to lead a shovel-party on Chicago. Carter had strict orders to cause trouble, but insure that four of the shovelheads would remain unharmed. The plan worked and while Carter's pack was decimated by the Scourge, and most of the shovel-heads were destroyed, four remained - Teddy, Helena, Cassie and Drexton.These four were given a year by Prince Calderon to prove themselves, and placed under the mentorship of four Oraculi. Season 1 of Lights centered on these four during the last few nights of their surcease.LIGHTS ICassie found herself drawn to a place called Edgewater Hospital, and haunted by visions of a maze.Teddy was trapped by Aegis Corporation, working for them as a Companion for powerful clients. A chance encounter with a coyote would send her on a collision course with her true nature.Helena, who believed herself Caitiff, discovered her true bloodline as a Follower of Set, and opened the door to darkness.Drexton was trapped between his duty to his elders, and to his coterie.You can see all these events on our VoD page!LIGHTS IIAs our second story arc begins, it is now 2024. The pandemic has raged, affecting both kine and kindred alike.Teddy returns to the city after a few years away. Cassie has made peace with some of the ghosts from her past. Helena has fully embraced the darkness of Set. And a new player joins the fray - Vincent Giovanni, a necromancer whose loyalties are being tested.LIGHTS II continues the story of both Lights I and of Severed, the Sabbat Chronicle!

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